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  • Go Green - Reduce Your Laundry's Use of Energy, Water and Chemicals.
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A Cleaner, Leaner and Greener Laundry Solution

We are the first and only ozone laundry service company serving on-premise laundries. We serve customers in the hospitality, health care, fitness and commercial laundry sectors.  Our ongoing customer care ensures maximized laundry room efficiency and a high quality laundered product – hygienically clean and whiter, brighter, fresher, softer linens.  We save our customers water, energy, time and money.


Fully Automated Supply
No Training or Maintenence
No Upfront Costs


Cleaner, Whiter and Softer
Fresher Smelling Linens


Less of Everything:
Water, Energy & Chemicals
A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lower Costs

Water, Energy and Time
Longer Lasting Linens

Brands Served by DeltaWash

We earn trust.

Our ozone laundry service model ensures that our customers see consistent results and sustained savings. Our ozone laundry systems can be found in hotels, skilled nursing homes, large commercial laundries, resorts and spas throughout the United States.


We are the first and only ozone laundry service company to businesses with on-premise laundry operations. We serve sectors including hospitality, health care, institutional, spas/health clubs and commercial laundry.


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